From The Kitchen From the Sushi Bar
A1 Spring Roll (1) 1.35 A12 Vietnamese Spring Roll(1) 3.00
A2 Spring Roll with Pork (4) 5.00 A13 Monkey Brain
Avocado stuffed with crab meat, spicy tuna, fried with sauce
A3 Crabmeat Roll (2) 4.5 A14 Baked Mussel (5) 6.50
A4 Crab Ragon (6) 5.25 A15 Baby Tako 6.00
A5 Gyoza (6) 5.00 A16 Crispy Red Snapper 6.00
A6 Edamame 4.00 A17 Fat Bao
Fried soft shell crab, avocado, spicy mayo
A7 Yakitori Chicken/Beef (2) 5.00 A18 Pepper Tuna Tartar 6.00
A8 BBQ Rib(4) 7.00 A19 Sunomono
Shrimp, crab stick, octopus, cucumber/ponzu sauce
A9 Shrimp Tempura(2) 6.50 A20 Salmon Carpaccio
Sliced salmon with pozu sauce jalapeno sesame seeds olive oil
A10 Fried Calamari 7.00 A21 Yellowtail Jalapeno
Sliced yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro ponzu sauce
A11 Agedashi Tofu 4.50